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Based in Canada but of East Indian origin, Sanjana Malhotra, Shivani, and Maya all live fairly wealthy lifestyles with their respective husbands Raj, Vikram, and Yogi. Maya has already forgiven Yogi once for not being faithful, and treats him like a servant; while Shivani is submissive and obedient to her's. Sanjana is in love with Raj, and when she sees him in company of other women, readily forgives him after he gives her a variety of excuses - including his employment with Canada's spy agency - C.S.I.S.. When things do get out of hand, the trio enlist the service of Kishan - who specializes in encouraging wayward husbands to be faithful. He follows them around and gathers evidence that go to show that they indeed are involved with other women. Things get complicated after Sanjana suspects that Kishan is in love with her and wants to break-up her shaky marriage - while the husbands make plans to teach Kishan a lesson he will never forget.